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have been present), grave nervous and cerebral symptoms present them-

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epiglottis above and of the trachea below. After secretion has occurred

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declines, with free perspiration, and the patient may be able to pursue

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of chronic alcoholism. Many complications are apt to supervene, as

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veins are prominently shown. In the follicular variety the pharyngeal

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(a) Venesection. — When the right heart is over-distended, as shown

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the outset is to avoid confounding the neurasthenic symptoms (secondary)

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developed, and the patient sinks from exhaustion. Rarely there may

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mind that even prolonged cooking fails to destroy the toxic action of

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lirium, may perhaps be present. In some cases there may be diarrhea,

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decubitus is supine the most dependent portions of the abdomen

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growths from the glandular epithelium proper. The last two forms

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ular structure, and the submucous layer, sometimes resulting in enormous

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(c) Purely accidental mercurialization also occurs, {d) Women and children

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indications afi'orded are of little practical value. The stethoscope is

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been out of proportion to the gravity of the constitutional disturbance.

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so that in the course of from three to four or six weeks recovery is

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ity. Microscopically, there are found leukocytes, red blood-corpuscles,

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the pleura, setting up pneumothorax, with or without pleuritis.

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spleen, and a purely myelogenous leukemia is extremely rare. Indeed,

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condition, as hysteria, it may of course be disregarded, as it "will improve

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after a decided improvement has taken place, is very strong. The most

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with yellow fever, suggests that possibly the virus may be trans-

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creasing. There may be couyh, and the voice may present abnormal

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Among signs of subsidiary value are a venous turgescence. a marked

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are seen so rarely is to be found in the fact that dilatation of the right

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may be. with a form of mild mania or of melancholia. A condition of

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trouble, however, is often very difficult. First may be mentioned the

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chronic myocarditis, parietal tumors, and parasites in the heart-wall.

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3. The medicinal measures deserve only third place in the treatment

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subject to delusions and hallucinations ; or the apathy may pass into a

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rise to abscess or gangrene, the result either of the presence of bacteria

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The patient should be kept in a warm, moist, equable atmosphere —

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tenacious muco-pus, and here and there may be noted denuded areas,

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attacks pursue a longer course. It is to be recollected, however, that the

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to prove any large number of drugs according to his method.

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