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tion ; the sutures were removed on the seventh day ; the patient went home

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of an early albuminuria can be absolutely excluded. Henoch has seen this

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labyrinth, with absolute deafness for speech. The bone disease on the left

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ing when the demonstration is made that no injury has been

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not met a case of stricture that could be attributed to dysentery.

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suddenly horse and rider were seen struggling in the dust. The horse

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quickly after stopping its administration. — L^ Union MHicale, December 10

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of useful productiveness as a selfsupporting and selfrespecting

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over of its fundus upon iodoform gauze, protecting the abdominal wall, and

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duty in this connection. Remembering that it is the casual stranger

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"I did not see the second plate there. The first plate, of course, did

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systolic, or there may be a simulated reduplication of the second sound.

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say that giant cells of this kind occur in artificial tubercle of the lungs.

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A peanut fits all right in a peanut shell, but a pumpkin does

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other no fetor was present, and recovery ensued ; hemorrhage occurred from

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tifacient action is exerted only during the early months of pregnancy

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given in a form to be issued by the Commissioner of Internal

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catarrh as the prominent symptom. A certain number of the cases were at

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convulsions. A dose of nicotine has been known to kill in three

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the epidemic of 1833 many cases died of pneumonia. Phthisical patients

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and, more especially, be considerably larger ? Surely one portrait of this

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canal, although not on this exact line, is quite near it, and weakens this

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fairness, that the question of compulsory health insurance be sub-

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just beneath the surface, and not very well camouflaged at that.

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cases of chronic non-tuhercular lung disease are common, and that

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strong patellar wire is required to retain the bones firmly together, the

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with Dr. Weir, who found chloroform more irritating to the

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erty of this drug which had not been before described and that

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pulls its upper border below the level of the skin surface, thus

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intestines and cavity with several liters of hot (110-114° F.)

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assume, therefore, that the symptoms referred to are the result of some

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simply fibrous or ligamentous union that may be all that is in store for

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