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nerpieces. 2.— Dr. William Konrad Rontgen, discoverer of the X Rays, Professor of

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loosened. A child ought to be put to bed regularly and taught to go

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The granular effervescent citrate of potash is an excellent diuretic

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The problem at first is a hard one. It is not merely t<» live on the

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passage of gall stones extends from the right side under the short

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tism, but that the disease is limited almost entirely to such fibrous

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out of a great number vaccinated in infancy, a few only ever contract

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Veratrum is given in the same dose as aconite and by some is con-

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mation of the kidney is exposure to cold and wet, one must admit that at times

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stances stand in a causal relation to diabetes, and we know on the

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But not every disorder of nutrition may be thus excited. Only certain

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to act if given in sufficient doseand allowed a proper time. It may

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kidneys to act. Hot fomentations may be used externally. Cream

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healthy kidney in times of stress, such as occur during the course of fever,

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writers we may mention Claude Bernard, Brongniart, Charcot,

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of a blood supply no longer perfectly cushioned by elastic arteries — these,

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seven years — sometimes as early as three, — giving occasion at this

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rigid, swollen, and slightl}^ granular. Other observers have stated

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and functional completeness of a freely mobile joint. But they do

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practice, and spending most of the time at his country

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congestion, a chronic nephritis with the added element of congestion, or an

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the separate study of the pathology of rheumatoid arthritis, led to

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warm and equable winter climate which may contribute materially to

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the hypoplastic anaemia, in the slight haemoglobin contents of the

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ing reached a certain degree of tension, makes its way out of the

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As years progress, and the body becomes enfeebled with age, the at-

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prescription is excellent and can be used without danger, while such

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water ; the more air the chest contains, the longer life will be main-

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uncertainty. The first may be thought to be suft'ering from paralysis

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have decreased very considerably and thereby given rise to deceitful

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