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history of the doctrines and experiments which have led

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The President. Fellows of the ^ledical Society, — Since

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assisted the medical faculty in the examination, graduation and

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discovered. It may seem to have every advantage, and its prospects

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ili^ggiah, languid, and irritable. They often have imperfect develop-

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and Fiirbringer, were due to the removal of fluid is doubt

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diagnosis, and use the patients in their divisions for the purpose of iu-

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was [owing to the [defective condition of the general

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In the methods available for the control of smallpox, vaccination

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whereat, we are told, the sick man rejoiced. Some time

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Suppuration has hitherto been believed to be dependent on the incursion

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is composed of chalcitis, and lime stone, to which is added of orpiment half

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gets milk, beef-tea, and bread. Its bowels are reported to be regular. The urine

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rhi zone m transparent 'ilighlU granular and contains a

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giura of ours. The selection of Prof. Hartshorne as

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vised of even the possibility of suit, he should con-

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presence of a few leukocytes upward. Tuberculous disease of the kidneys

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Cask VI. — Mrs. H., married ten years, no child. Had suffered

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to insinuate that he advantages his argument by not examining

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approved disinfecting nuld, washing the exterior of the body with the

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the time of operating must not be later than the end

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habits, circumstances, surroundings, and climate are differ-

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in relation with lymph spaces, or vessels more or less

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healthy. He had had only two cases in which the larynx became completely

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l)ei-()me clinically cognizant of the fact that there is not unfre(|uenlly serious

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paratus there still remains plenty of room inside for

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deaths (1880), and the tentative birth registration area established for

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sary to seek some other explanation than that which

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altogether, at other times the embryo enclosed in its amniotic

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ago, when Herman Biggs started there, the mortality of that city

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