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Rumalaya Forte Composition

In the more severe forms spots of ecchymosis, and in some instances

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normal. The relative proportion of the proteids in the blood-plasma is

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is a rare form. It occurs in both sexes, but Avomen are especially sus-

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The. symptoms of the acquired form are with few exceptions referable

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Cohnheim, which show that ulcers produced artificially tend to heal


and sometimes the extremities are bluish and cold, sometimes pink and

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clinic. i2mo, 24S pages, handsomely illustrated. Cloth, $2.00 net.

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spleen itself. Acute proliferative or hjperplastic splenitis (acute splenic

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rent in particular) are sometimes efficient, and in chronic cases potas-

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found in the urine worthy of mention are creatinin, lactic and sarco-

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played. Detached fragments of the clot may produce embolism of the

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are extremely common. The intestinal mucosa may also present ulcers.

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where the element of competition may be eliminated. Systematic hours

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pressure upon the spinal cord by the absence of pain and sphincter

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throughout the book is, we believe, the best method of impressing facts permanently on the

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the children being rachitic, weak, sickly, and prone to tuberculosis.

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the use of hot air or a hot pack to promote sweating, are important aids

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chambers (cor triloculare). More frequently there is a mere perforation

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injections of antitoxin (Roux and Borrel) offer no peculiar advantages.

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the abdominal muscles is only obtainable by anesthetizing the patient,

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upon systemic pathology, A. G Nichols has been associated as a

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quill. When moderate in degree the tip of the index finger is admissi-

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Hot been determined precisely as yet. Obviously, however, a certain

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gent men is found the best assortment of the latest books, while in

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striations, brownish-red in color, are distinctive of the kidney. The

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tion of all symptoms during low climatic temperatures; " and "among

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tion. Bromids, morphin, chloral, hyoscyamus, or cannabis indica may

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that if any of the large branches of the pulmonary artery be eroded, free

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Kraft-Ebing found that out of 3455 cases treated at the University

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class are turpentine, cantharides, carbolic and salicylic acids, iodoform,

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known cause of serious disease. With the neglect of the teeth,

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toms of this disease, such as a red, full, inflamed gum, which

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ally in, the rheumatic diathesis. The proportion of cases in which ton-

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children. Additional evidences of a systemic affection are sometimes

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The course of these cases is unfiivorable, death ensuing (rarely) from

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signs are the same in kind as in the former variety, but the amount of

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vals. Usually during the attack the abnormal sensations are continuous,

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of emphysema. The air disappears largely in consequence of the process

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removal of a tumor or enlarged glands. Very rarely it may be injured

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