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Medline Plus Promethazine

! 'I'iveri, the other end lieinv' connected liy tuhiiii.' with a piston re-
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of a "rheumatic" character, is the conmaonest symptom of onset. These
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qti.'intity of o\yj.'i.ii. j{y ili'ti'i'iiiiiiiny: thi' ililViTi'in'o lictw .'cii the voIiiiim
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111 the surface of the liody. From such elect roeardiofrrajihic tracin}»s
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obtained in 2, and clonus in the arms in one case. Plantar stimulation in
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regularity in letters as the writing progresses. In the lower extremities the
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eral was found in connection with a cachectic state induced hy chronic
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phenergan dosage adults
.^luiliis. N... s, IIHJ: nisii Kru.l.iiis*.. .I.r l'li.vsi.ili.;;ii.. I!i||, ii, ."ills.'
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ursemic, yet in a measure cardiac. Again, it seems wholly cardiac, and is
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of water, it is cviih'iit tliat the teiidcney for an ester in the presence of
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when the conditions of congestion and irritation from toxins and general
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|i.ii:r I.S4) is .scrvinyr as the main pathway of transmission for the heat.
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eriise il is increased prohaMx liecailse of tin' takiiii; n|) of water \<\
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temporary relief. It b only when he consults his physician that the true
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ner\e to Ihe hl.Mid \esse| is cut. C.',) This same fact has 1 11 .sliiiwn h;
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dusky red color, which increased to a purple when the leg hung down.
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Christopher Stanger, M.D. Physician to the Foundling Hospital,
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is reported, a careful history of the attack, and the result of a thorough
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after her second delivery 1 was again called to her,
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oi<iaii in a cardioplethysmo<rraph. the tracing of wliicli will tell us '
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that cannot be produced by the same methods in all thyroids, and so are not
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LMi'dinfr the rehitive ninmnits (if inntein, fat and earlmhydi-afe that have
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various hemorrhages, while commoner in advanced chronic interstitial neph-
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mueh more difficult problem to investigate than is that of glands which,
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found that a ncyiiti\(' iiicssure of perhaps 4(1 or (in nim. 11^ is recorded
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visceral systems all seemed natiwal. Her right foot was red and swollen.
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38. Pneumonia. — The exact history of an attack of pneumonia should be
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toration id" the normal blood pressure can be efVected by this nu'thod.
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','"■"• ""■'■• ''^"' '"■'•'■•''" '"• ""• l"-'"lHHs u-.iT.. ,.,.,.,,ti,uM wl,i..irn.s„i,
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hri.-ks traiisferr,.,! in a yiven time will not .li-p.^nd at all on the size . ■
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while this latter procedure is rare, it is sometimes necessary in severe cases
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till' uiistrie juiee free from food, the only method a\Milalile to the older
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in an exceedingly neurotic young man. It is rarely a white oedema, and it
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IS li.\ eliewinir palatalile food, alwa.xs causes an inhiliition of the loiius
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in',' '„'Iandular arli\it.\. Tliat lliis iiinrasr in ('„ will dislodu'r ( >.. wr liavc
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