reklam verin!
reklam verin!

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equal height, but the attack curve falls rather lower than the
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activity, cells form various products ; some of these, like
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March 1st. He was appointed Surgeon. February 3rd, l.^s3. He served in
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be allowed to count, as formerly, as a factor in rel iremcnt ; under older
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and of secondary deposits by the mouth was easy. After
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L. C. Parkes : Dwelling Houses. 101, Great Russell Street,
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ton, Son, and Co. ; London : H. K. Lewis. 1892. (6tmo.
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by giving witnesses a choice of the two forms. The Bench, however,
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and gentry lived in cramped flats, which no money would
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infected by devouring the bodies of the dead has not been
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of milk, and it is in a most thriving condition except that from ttie first
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from the 10.74 in the Register for 1881. On the other hand,
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tion of rest. He related two cases of intracapsular fracture
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•currents tending to reduce the temperature. The result is
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be produced by the so-called "Aminol" solutions," are
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October a fresh start was made by tramps arriving from Warrington and
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to assist us in endeavouring to place their views before our readers bj
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I HAVE recently come across in my practice a very complete
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out in Norfolk in 1878, and at Northallerton in 1887. If influ-
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hardship, anxiety, etc., and this opened up the question as to
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larly physician, whose knowledge of general medicine is accu-
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boards of guardians are giving much attention to special
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by the Transcaspian Railway, and became established in
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Opening of the Surgical Congress. — The Notification of Infectious
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liable service in this spherp, because parts inferior to the orbit
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%* Dr. Waldo's two proposals are worthy of support, but the placard
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lotomy diflfers from many other operations, inasmuch as it is
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given by the masters of vessels to questions put by the authorities as to
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(one-fifth of a culture tube being used for each animal on the
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ment for neglect of vaccination ? AVhy, in short, will the
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so. and give us their opinion of it. My own belief is that it
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the present state of the College finances and the recent law-
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(Jena: G. Fischer. 1893. Large 8vo, pp. 400; 11 marks.)
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with concentrated copper sulpliate solution for twenty-four hours it loses
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tained itself, whilst some fresh places have been invaded. In
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errors of observation. Dr. Buffer then referred to his own
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full length, afibrding a good viewloth of the vaginal walls and
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professors are classed along with professors appointed alter the Act.
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'•aurantia" is used to give this tint. The workpeople who

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