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pain in the eye and forehead. The visual centres are so

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fibrin, and the white corpuscles there become an actual por-

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injury would not have been recognised. He never seems to

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term " psorosperm " in the samesense as Cobbold, Malassez,

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incarceration worse than any prison in Great Britain, and

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should be carried to the sea by a tunnel. If this scheme had

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students of heredity, that it holds the field, and that future

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thermometers in all directions ; first, to iind the column of

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especially if a clipper be chosen in preference to a steamer.

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descence of cholera on tlie Continent, in the Thames during the past

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think tliit tlie death rate in any prudently-conducted office, receiving a

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.Journal, and already with good eflect, as at theatres which

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lingham, Bridport ; Miss G. Gordon, London. (H) Dr. J. M. Hobson,

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nucleo-albumin, because quantitative experiments have shown

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In a few lines at the end of the lecture is contained the

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ministrative faults were not an efficient factor in its explana-

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pyema with cardiac dropsy, who had made good recoveries, as

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And yet the health officer has repeatedly drawn attention to the unsatis-

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ing his own expenses home. Having been promoted to administrative

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quantity of sugar. January ISth. The treatment with raw pancreas com-

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in the evenins. The following morning she vomited, and remarked on

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be acquired, and, when the outstanding leases had been

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cough or expectoration, aod having regained his streogtli and weight.

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tion of iniectious diseases will be of great value in showing exactly how

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motes on new inventions and improvements in pharmacy.

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General Greely states that at Fort Conger, U.S. .A., in Febru-

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We certainly think that any officer over whom a charge of a serious

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urine produced by urobilin, an iron-free derivative of the

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