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Mms Protocol For Sinus Infection

Dr. W. L. AxFORD thought deformity almost always re-

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curves in the lower third of the leg sometimes disappear

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my first diagnosed case of appendicitis thrust upon me, and by

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maxillary region. The heart slowed down from 75 to 50, and

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natorum, which are of interest on account of the rarity of the disease and of the

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host by the bile or urine, or through the tissues into the alimentary canal.

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febaceous glands, and their duels, which open on the inner edges

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Hospital, Feb. Il5th. at 11.45 a.m. When first seen.

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doses of phenazone or phenacetin with caffeine may be used ; pains

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the mild cases had better spend the greater part of

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phatics that run along its side, and the only rational

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William Robinson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology (Sprague Institute).

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gastric cararrh, to relieve the nausea. After the meal it

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that now it is definitely enlarged and palpable, about one to

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2. In other cases, if continued for an hour and more,

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work is founded upon an examination of 182 cases — 128 were of so-

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malarial plasmodia in the blood. The Tesearche „Ti ^^! «ont sh„„ed

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solution of potash or caustic soda ; or pearlash and slaked lime

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nature and composition of all substances recommended

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which had given no cause for complaint. Good cheese was only

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inside the carcass of the animal as soon as its interior furnishings

mms protocol for sinus infection

not observed so early in the attack, it is exceptional to have to deal

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■dence upon which they are founded — were arrived at.

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ing national in the true sense of the term. May I add — we are

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vented by a salutary inflammation of the adjacent Lobules which

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d to the cases just referred to are those in which twitching of cer-

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surgery, and also in certain special departments — the

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the eliminatiou of phosphates during febrile diseases. In diseases

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The injections were repeated daily, and within two weeks improve-

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requisite e.ttent, and to see if anything more remained

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uterine contractions is usually unnecessary. (2) No

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as he thought this was not an unknown factor in the

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Finsen has reported but a small percentage of cures in

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the pleasure of addressing. How well these men did their work,

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that an hepatic or abdominal abscess is of hydatid origin rests on the dis-

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