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gangrenous, when seen through the peritoneum. The costal

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cultures were injected by Dr. Jobling, first subcutaneously and later

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13. A Case of Carcinomatous Omentum in an Umbilical

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ring had been dilated by the enlarged testis), the latter organ

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If fluid is obtained on puncture it may be allowed to run as long as it

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n. s., viii, 87-142, 6 ch. Aho, Eeprint. . Baths in

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continued fever, to lead one to suspect typhoid fever, until suddenly

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If you were asked the object of medical practice, you would

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sible that it should in a growth of considerable size, for the co-

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general, being no longer limited to the lumbar region and

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worded; for, no doubt, it would have been differently expressed, if intended

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Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham : — -

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ing under various conditions ; one which can appear suddenly and as rapidly

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the State of North Carolina convened at 3 :30 o'clock in the Osiris Cafe,

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of the throat differ from Vincent's angina in the usually more

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the pulmonary area, the auricles could be heard to con-

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Herru Professor Dr. H. Senator. Arth. I. d. Ph.vsiol., 1877. 14.

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tures and recitations upon the various departments of medical science. Ample opportunities will

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read the Report of the Committee on Revision of the

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concluding with the notes of a case in the Montreal General

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In all four autopsies bacteriological examination gave about the

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of name to. 550; clauses of Draft Medical Bill regard-

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every Chinaman experiences in early life, those who

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Health Study: 111. Reduction in human immunodeficiency virus transmission among

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mal elevation of the fontanelles and increasing weight are


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toast and chicken broth were ordered by her request. Pepsine and

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cided, in the best authenticated cases, and in many in-

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