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to what extent the lung was damaged before the attack of pneumonia. As

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strength increased, and in May the patient was able to drive out

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throughout nearly all Europe. Even in Poland they are rigor-

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this view, Murchison named the disease pythogenic fever (wvdofjuou, I decay).

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Hardenbergh, William A., Sewerage and Sewage Treatment,

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impossible. Here one's habits, education, skill, and reputation

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who desire to stand upon the facts to procure as much competent

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of homoeopathy, the merest novice learns this fact ; all the text-

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tant position as an electric engineer. For the first six weeks of

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As already indicated, the renal mechanism is complex and

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Clinic of Dr. Roger I. Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital

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the usual febrile characters, and may contain a trace of albumin.

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of saline should be included as well as control tests with positive

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abdomen, which has rapidly increased within the last three

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such a place can, of course, be to a great extent concealed ; but if

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larly hemolytic jaundice, the bilirubin appears to be attached to the

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stock cultures of both aerobes and anaerobes. Viability

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on the heart can be produced by any form of medication, and

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be typical of the various forms under which placenta praevia is

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parametric abscess without general infection ; (b) septicaemia, such as that

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the first ten days of the disease in a very high percentage acquired

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scarlet rash, which is most intense on the third day, and afterwards

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very slow. Until the syphilitic process in the lungs becomes

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cephalic idiots, three of whom survive, to be supported at the ex-

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probable that we are dealing with a case of typhus. On the other hand,

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voice, etc.). In regard to the expression, complete cure, it is the

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then, a single powder has always resulted in a restoration of intes-

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cutaneous tissue and, when mature, usually migrate to the sub-

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furic acid reagent until fading begins, depends on the

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gow. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea's Sons & Co., Publishers.

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northern third of Africa. In Asia, the East Indies, and Australia

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Consequently, both observations should be made regularly as a

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upon the left leg. The mother at once removed the stocking and

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minute and they use about one-third of their \dtal capacity at

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their marriage. A man and his wife, the former aged thirty-nine

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tion of the tarsi will be felt and slight inflammation of the con-

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tube 1:14 and so on to 1 :7168 in the eleventh tube.

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of the lungs gives a more satisfactory conception of the tendency

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An acute infective spreading inflammation of the skin, due to a strepto-

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will frequently, perhaps more frequently than any other medicine,

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cause. His blood-pressure is high (160/90), his arteries are a

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Sundays. (Why she picked out Sunday was never discovered !)

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axilla?, pubic, and anal regions should then be treated with a

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and complement titration by diluting 0.2 ml of comple-

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