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Dr. Agnew's annual Health Reports are always interesting

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possible improvement in the present training schools as it is

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sider that observers have been led astray by using dried films ; for.

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the last five years by the injection of the susceptible. He found that

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with repose. The general effects on the health, accohi wjjh tfie

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Wochenschrift ; also Berliner Med, W.ochenschrift, February 6, 1890,

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was again catheterized, and no urine found. Chloroform alone was used

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although tlie discharge was neither very offensive nor copious.

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more, I think, and it seems to me that the practice of

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and ultimately tried with the effect already described.

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patient forces him to work. He operates in cases where life is

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the Academic de ^ledecine, held 8th April 1890 {La Tribune

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By common consent of the English and American medical press, this work has been assigned

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resemble dysentery in adults. Stools yellow, green or brown.

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recommended is due not so much to our ignorance as to the multitudinous

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been attained, and has obviated much prolixity. The

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Colonies white or only slightly yellowish-tinged in all gelatin media, grow not at all

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need of the Doctor on ' turn,' must go to the police-ofHce and

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istinet. and is altiK) concise, being free from thattend-

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ing to destroy the life of the intestinal and renal tissues ; enteritis or

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efficient use. Nickel does not become a part of, but

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presenting on the inner side of his right thigh a mass corre-

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primary and secondary care by bringing to physicians in

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effected, that a permanent secretary be appointed who

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so that the muscles nearest the trimk are attacked first,

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