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regions with almost the same exact symmetry ; of this I have seen many
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its object. When James needed the aid of a master of style
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or at wider intervals over many years ; or occasionally they may follow
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occurs, constitutes a serious difficulty in treatment. Boils are not
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cells (no agglutination with anti-Rho serum) which agglutinate
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in Lunacy have the power, under special circumstances, to permit more
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that in some people tetany spasms only occur at certain times in the day
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syphilis. Mercury was accordingly given, and in less than a month a
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own throat, was easily influenced at the first attempt, and rendered
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original account of the disease described such plates as Wilson did for
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lotion (5 minims to the ounce), the lotio hamamelidis, or an evaporating
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Derm. u. Syph. Band xlix. Heft i. 1899, p. 95. — 5. Caspart. Arehiv f. Derm. u.
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Hutchinson, Jonathan, Junior, F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital, late
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distress arising from digestive disturbance acting through the agency of
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Zoster of the Head and Neck. — Within the territory of the first or
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command belief at once ; in many conditions they are doubted, although
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an attack he passes a large quantity of pale urine, but more frequently
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ordinary counter-irritant agents, such as iodine and the like.
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in the metropolitan area. Altogether in the various asylums and
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to the special article on the subject (vol. vii. p. 748).
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right, the inequality of the naso-labial folds, an exaggerated right plantar reflex,,
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the mind before a court of judicature for damages, it would
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(4) The result is recorded as the number of millimeters that
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place from the uterus during the period of life that the fe-
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dividual case, and the particular stage of the malady ; in no disease is
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where the resistance is very strenuous ; but there is more danger of passing
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portion is poured into the funnel. For efficient washing
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and, somewhat surreptitiously or half unwittingly, we assimilated a teaching
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that many gentlemen and ladies of to-day will pale with fear
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certainly no specific remedy. In the first place we are told to improve
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the act ; the quantity of action is often best estimated by the position
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at their lowest part (Torok). Their contents consist of sweat, and
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acter of the scales vary according to their source ; they are usually
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from seborrhcea papulosa corporis. Jamieson still regards it as a true
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Remarkable Instances of Contagion John Timbs, F". S. A.
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If the chrysarobin is well borne the amount should be increased
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(2) Method. Place the tube containing test solution and indi-
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Allied to charms was faith in numbers, and particularly in
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prises a modern reader, unless he knows his Gibbon and
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injurious act is the magnitude of the benefit gained by the actor in pro-
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invasions take place in allied sweat affections (for example, in dysidrosis)
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described by the late Hilton Fagge in the Guy's Hospital Reports. Its
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The melancholy associated with general paralysis is commonly marked
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therapeutiques, " Journ. de mid. de Bordeaux, juillet 7, 1895. — 94. Hager. Centralb.

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