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mental conditions might be made to emit direct rays capable

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had been repeatedly and violently purged since the commencement of his

imovax rabies vaccine package insert

force, the interior having more the air of a home than of a place of confine-

imovax polio side effects

adult hogs, the whole of a lung would be necrosed, and in its

imovax rabies vaccine price

Rulon, Jr., S. A., and Hawk, P. B.: Excretion of chlorids following copious

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ui)on for adenoids the following day : but the patient, almost suddenly, died

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quently tranfport themfelves to Tethevroa, and other iflets,

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purposes of organization. — These are the urine, and the sweat.

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the employment of chloroform. The patient was unmarried;

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fatigue, weakness, restlessness and lethargy have been reported as side effects of both

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weeks. Friction of the surface was also used by the attendant.

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safety, if, at the same time, and for two or three weeks after, we take

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1 This article is based on the experience of the Johns Hopkins Hospital series of

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convulsions. The most dangerous abortions are those which are

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are those of a focal lesion, such; as ophthalmoplegia of various kinds, accord-

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ing out of the facts concerning aphasia. This name is applied to

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pathological changes in these regions and glycosuria and

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prehend. Let us who are reapmg in the harvest which

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Out of a total of thirty-three gastroplasties for bilocular stom-

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Reported by J. H. Eatmond, M. D., late House-Surgeon.

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The natural repugnance to close inquiry, for fear of driving away

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and sufficient use or why it was. He would say, "We have

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With regard to exercise: There are somewhat rough and

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of temperature, exposure in the open field in cold, wet nights


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reuucleation. Ann. d'ocul.. Par., 1897, cxviii, 417-421.

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difficult respiration, with its consequent asphyxia, present themselves

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