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ve remediee addressed to the circulation may be employed.

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Method of Lee and White. Lee and White withdraw 1 c.c. of blood

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not common in enteric fever. In very rare instances collapse may occur

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When the apparatus was balanced on the toe end (having

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to remember that the occupation of tlu^ patient may ('Xpcmo

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with an intermission of only a few minutes. The disorder is yet in its the importance of ph balance

"Where can I serve best?" Willing to volunteer, many another like

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is of tlie strength of 1 part thymol to 1,000 parts

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Response to the Toast, "Kphraim McDowei<i*." By Joseph Eastman, M. D.,

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you to what an extent the workhouse of that city was overcrowded ; and

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of Montpellier, Paris, Bologna, and Padua. An example from the Fasciculus Medicinae gives

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It is evident that the ampulke of communicating vessels are

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will he found, or a mixed colon infection. G. T. Western ^ reports

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ATL cell line and detection of antibodies to the antigen in human sera. Proc Natl

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<iogs in quantities of gr.^-^. Externally, the fluid extract

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cal men in attendance to be drunk, and it has afterwards proved

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this procedure will avoid hasty changes based on limited

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these 46 cases abundant local clinical aspects existed,


languages, which have appeared up to 1887 (when the

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Even under the guidance of the master himself the tyro

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Boston a better hospital service than any other city in

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to diabetes and neuroses, than other persons. This mat-

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feet only, and, in rare instances, one fore or one hind foot.

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cates shall be accepted as proof of qualification, and that each province shall register the

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ing soon after became easy — indeed, so suddenly, as to warrant the

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mine the type of corrective action to be implemented.

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plate, butter the toast, put it in the oven one minute and then cover again

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should forbid the operation of thyrotomy, which was

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I regard this case as furnishing a crucial test of the

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increasing its density and local action, and the different portions

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hand in hand, and we sometimes think outstrips the more

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jdoring the succeeding hour, when the patient was in bed wrapped in blankets,

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were operated upon from September 1, 1902, to Septem-

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after the disease has subsided, finom the irregular growth of the bones.

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