reklam verin!
reklam verin!

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different method, curarised a tetanised frog, and found that tetanus was
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5. Perichondritis with exfoliation of the cartilages, which may lead
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provement io this instrumeiity he devoted his mechanical talent to the
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ciples and Practice or Surgery. Sir Charles has been appointed Profes-
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idiopathic anaemia, or phosphorvis poisoning, the general form of degen-
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9. Diabetes and Glycosuria. — It is not long since some alkaline and
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cian, dated at Edinburgh, was received too late for this number, but it
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view of coimteracting the supposed tendency of this distemper to putre-
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imdoubtedly due to infection, but the bacterial aetiology of which is as
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coagulation within the cell. Cohnheim, who gave the name of coagulation
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Diabetes Insipidus. — The difficulty here is to meet the ardent thirst.
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On puerperal convulsions; on malposition of the uterus, ovaria, blad-
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from Kocli's comma bacillus, its distinctive characters must be of specific
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anaerobe. He Avas the first to obtain by filtration of very virulent tetanus
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in the proportion of five drops of the acid to a wineglass of the tea, to
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goes a very remarkable change, is traversed by numerous bloodvessels,
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moist or spreading, and dry. In the former the conditions are favourable
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manifested, because there are no changes taking place in the brain, of a
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the signs of reaction to injury to nearly the same extent as does a loose
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a degree proportional to the nerve lesion. The muscular fibres may
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for the prevention of tetanus is the free cleansing of the wound with
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ably forcing the septic emboli from the veins into the circulation. It is
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at Orta, with its beautiful little lake, is not yet quite so good as at the
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severe or malignant type soon loses its virulence, or is from the outset
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lence, plague, is gradually, but positively creeping into Europe, and un-
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of heat in the body, the central temperature, measured by a thermometer
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nificent falls of Niagara, they would not value a few more days* travel
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gradually sank and died. I have observed the same phenomena in seve-
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duces an erythematous blush of the integuments, which, when the
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worked out by Metschnikoff. He has amply demonstrated that the
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very rapidly, for however soon the throat be examined after the first
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bubonic jjlague. They have buboes, and their organs contain immense
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necessary as purifiers of the air, though they may under special circum-
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August I. Vision is perfectly restored; a slight difficulty in turning
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one case, it is stated that nearly five ounces of blood was lost, and the
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by any means complete ; the higher ridges of the Alps are too far re-
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"Dengue"). The natural habitat is an important one. Influenza seems
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first attacks in individual households are found to occur amongst chil-
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thus to prevent any accumulation of secretions in them. After a more

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