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the total medical admission of white to colored in the Johns Hopkins Hos-
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that children bear the effects of pulmonary anesthetics
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article. I hope it will serve as a useful weapon for our colleagues to counter the
For myself, I may state that I believe tbat the dis-
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substances other than tuberculous." [L. c, p. 493, right
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advanced by intelligence and honest effort, and demon-
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Grier, Chas. P., Carthage, X. C. Med. Coll., 1910.. !<,,-> l913
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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is
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the girls who do not suffer conveying the morbid tendency to their sons.
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rience ill the disorder in question, but I have never met with
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prominent typhoid character. After November ist the
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The researches of Laveran and Catrin indicate progress in the bacteriology
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which our denominators were based. Separating Hispanic
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the chief source of the secretion when folds of the skin lie in contact. Of
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which did not yield to the application of nitrate of silver, or other
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tized In a chronic disease like tuberculosis permanent
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tension remained difficult to control until she had a myo-
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ti'eatment in the early part of an aneurysm of the first part of the arch —
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is enough for my present purpose to assume this fact as
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be incompatible with the danger inseparable from it. Neither is it to be tried at
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In investigating this question, I have reconstructed two small lobules from
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library." Mr. Bowditch had already earnestly devoted his
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" ' Great pity he had not left us twenty years ago,'
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the bone and passing the knife along its palmar surface
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disconnected power, but it was the very essence of all
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the expediency of introducing an amended Medical Bill
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In the case reported by Harrison Cripps (Lancet of June 2, 1888),
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her for months, examined her carefully twice a week,
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the spirit of religion was buried in forms and ceremonies, and when
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Preparations of lead given in very small doses, might be given with success in cases attended
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St., Routes 340 & 15, Frederick, Md. (301)663-4861
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under nine years of age ; between the ages of ten and fifteen, on the
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Dr. p. C. Smyly — " Some Cases of Paralysis following Blood-

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