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Benemid Overdose

illustrations to Vesalius to the full extent, he should see one of the two
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the rash w«s profuse, and in no case where nervous symptoms
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crete, red, isolated points on the back and breast, accompanied
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spokesman of between 500 and 600 subscribers, all of them
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Editor, 429, 8trand, W.C. , London ; tliose concerning business matters,
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and support of the proposed Institute of Preventive Medi-
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Association in connection with the Poor-law medical officers'
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does not deserve success ; the verb, moreover, is contrary to
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wrongin saying that he could only allow 23. t^d , as the scale prescribes
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kewitch, whose researches are published in the Annates de
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nominate one representative each. At present five liospitals
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that sanitary authorities should willingly accept the
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in whom their vitality had been lowered by a previous attack
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B/ers four hours, and exhibited symp omi of their toxic action, first »
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Tenerife in ten days from leaving Hamburg — at that time a
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authority and personal inspection sufficiently attests its
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commended for infants has undei-gone a similar alteration.
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tion when the bag is full ; and hence, also, if the cervix is
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As soon as the order was issued, the Metropolitan Branch
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amount of resistance to the flow of blood through the peripheral
tion which we have already made in the " case " published
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proved, and she gained :i lbs. in weight, but she complained of increased
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ment really considers any members of its subordinate or uncovenanted
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etc., and whether I could see also the now much-vaunted ex-
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pices of Dr. Luys directed my footsteps. Ebnest Haet.
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refused, then for the later exposure of himself he ought to
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most probable that we are really concerned with either a dis-
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some of llie bottles contain hydrocyanic acid, others do not.
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Council's government and control. The attention of the Government
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ignorance in a monthly nurse or, rather, midwife. Deceased
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A few days ago I received a note from the medical 'officer of this
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of work, have by their labours and investigations illuminated
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trate, the city coroner, and the medical and local papers."
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4 in Manchester, :'■ in Birmingham, 2 in Portsmouth, and 2 in Salford.
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36 mm., and there were no longer indications on the tracing
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accident, the subject's head is turned towards one shoulder, and cannot
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its most distinguished Fellows, who conferred honour not
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pressure symptoms namely ; (1) stridor ; (2) enlarged right
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in a tuberculous patient before venesection can be considered

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