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able. Now, he considered fixedness of the uterus to be one of the
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not been detected until in an advanced stage, and had left troubles
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an eight-year-old stallion which had died after an illness of three days'
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and the wound was covered with horn. The cavity on the plantar
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1 868 ; and, further, that on each occasion it has appeared in the month
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book on "The Influence of Chmate in the Prevention and
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reference to the sense of vision so far back as the commencement of the
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LEEDS PUBLIC DISPENSARY— Surgeon : appHcations, i6th.
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Respecting the first of these reasons, the author showed that the highest
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earliest days of medicine down to modern times, with copious references
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exercised, it is violent, recalling palpitation, while the second contrac-
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sity. More self-criminative Provost Law's explanation could not be ; he
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ever appeared. A short but brilliant sketch of him and
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Haemorrhage might then have occurred on the left side in and around
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into and development within the organism of a specific pathogenic
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rance from tlie Home Secretary that a select committee should be
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multiplication, as in the anterior limb of the Cetacea. The mode of
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Thos. F., 21. Ist attack. 1. Pain in knees and elbows. 4. Pain 1. Sudden plunging noise at end of 1st sound, -which is pro-
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curable. She was a well-developed girl ; had choreic movements of all
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rectified spirits, one drachm), by means of cotton wool and a caoutchouc
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answer their contempt. (Mr. T. Hearn, "Qui Quondam," in Dorset
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home with great difficulty and exceedingly lame in the off fore-leg.
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injecting under the skin and into the veins and peritoneum defi-
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showed marked wasting. The owner had particularly noted difficulty
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four hours. On February 1 7th, she was no better. All medicine was
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of the profession on this important point should be attended to. There
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senseless, and remained in that condition for twenty minutes. Although
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All Letters and Covivninications Jor the Jouf.nai., io be addressed to the Editok,
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of the patients admitted into hospital with this disease, and from per-
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much the appearance of normal lung. Sections of gland and lung were
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You will recall the stages — free incision of the scrotum and
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ber and great length of the papers received in competition, and the
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local hypodermic injections of veratrine or salt solution, the induced
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pain disappeared in the course of a week. The dog was suffering from
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this may be. In some instances tubercular disease, in its earlier stages,
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is but less in degree when we allow ourselves even in individual cases
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rest and ease, but they tend to relapse even when that method is
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St. Bartholomew's Hospital) ; R. E. Deane (of the Leeds School) ; and H. W.
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To say that the Association has been received hospitably by the New-
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colour. Appetite bad, no great desire for either food or milk. General
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praise, answers the puipose also of ^ post mortem room — a combination
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Apothecaries' Hall. — The following gentlemen passed their ex-
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