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berton's resignation of the Chair of Surgery, the Council desire to record
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were not performed on animals under the influence of chloro-
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may elapse before the general symptoms become urgent. In
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the part that carbonic acid plays in blood coagulation. Let
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the Poor-law Medical Officers' Association, which waited onSir
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Leicester, March 10th. Medical Officer of Health for Leicester.
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produced by this beautiful picture. I easily realise that every tra-veller
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This he placed in the depression which he had made, and
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no communication existed between this ulcer and the abscess cavity.
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small-pox rate in the first life period fell 85 per cent., and in
holme r. Tait was read. At Mr. Tait's request, the Council consented to
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navia in January, in New York in April or May. And, further
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form cordons. That such persons are to a small degree
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have recovered £1,000 damages from the "Harness Medical
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of science. Whether the "physical tlieory " will oust or
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its object. The following is the text of the resolution which
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stated that in his opinion the object of that Conference was
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considerable number of experiments on guinea pigs in a
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Fif, 1, Ca^e 1.— F., aged 18 jeirs. Bighttalipe3 equinus, ailing twelve
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plete the suturing after the bone tube had been inserted, and
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Jlore than a month has passed since this change in the
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and appear to meet — as they deserve— with general approval.
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authorities have now adopted Holmgren's colour t'-st and
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Hospital, Moortields, 8 p.m.— Mr. A. Quarry Silccck ; My-
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content with embodying their results in the form of original
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get an even shade as well of of mere riddling, is recognised as
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results are classified under the headings of " Arrest of Dis-
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tlie areola towards the left axilla. There were also three other
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the abscess cavity in the left loin was found to extend into the pelvis,
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the beginning of the book, that of micrococci at the middle,
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1 Dr. Parsons, Report on the Influerai Ejjidtmic oflSi9-M, p. 84,
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the w.ay of qualification or restriction, with the bodily susten-
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there will always be a liability to confuse them. Dr. Lauder
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a voyage round the Cape to Melbourne. He improved slightly under
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But I now proceed to cite a fact which not oUy confirms my ■
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His results were general, and local improvement in 67=37 per
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before that Committee a number of coroners, registrars, and
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any, aspects of the problem which were not touched upon by oue or other

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