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reklam verin!

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by a rational empiricism, the science itself will be revolutionized, and re-

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vapour ; but a vapour-bath may be taken in a box not including the

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diminished in frequency and severity till April 16th, when the last


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dence whatever of the slightest thickening, either in the fascia super-

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ary complications, and the like. In the accompanying Charts, copied

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of the leucocytes out of the vessels depends upon the ratio of diffusible

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air ; their uses as anaisthctics, however, will not be considered here.

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nant cholera, the number of deaths from cholera infantum, in Philadel-

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cultures of typhoid recently isolated from faeces give a thicker, more

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of hypersemia varying ; ecchymoses are occasionally seen and, rarely,

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position reconsidered. On the other hand, but a few years ago many

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with charlatanism and imposing quackery, we cannot but wish a hearty

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and atrophy, is seen. One such case I saw in a young girl (75a), and

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weak solutions of caustic substances. If a few drops of a 0-3 per cent

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In those cases in which typhus fever folloAved relajpsing fever in the

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unhygienic arrangements. It is not quite so easy to show the error of

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mittent fever by means of the bark of cinchona. To his other observa-

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with certainty that the vibrios which are associated with the choleraic

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The spleen is not enlarged ; on the contrary it presents signs of con-

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with camphorated tincture of opium, in mucilage of gum arabic.

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turned off. Five minutes is a sufficient time for each sitting.

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its way to Canton, where it broke out in 1894. Dr. Eennie of Canton

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attacked by diphtheria in a patient already suffering from that disease;

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infiltration, and also in commencing pleuritic effusion — in the latter case,

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which hav« been almost uniformly successful. She can, for instance, be

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infection and disturbance. Enough has already been incidentally said

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their determination towards the inflammatory focus. As we can easily

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ceeding from sebaceous glands, form another characteristic feature of

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mere survey we have probably said enough. We must content our-

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during the proceeding amounted to about two ounces.

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and drains away slowly. In short, as I have already indicated, where

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uterine tubercular infection is possible in rabbits and mice (Gartner);

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to be answered in this connection, which mutually explain and lend a

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the epiglottis, the posterior wall of the larynx, especially the inner sur-

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sides, as Dr. Wilson Fox (31) pointed out, a certain number of patients

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and make out why it was that a man was the most intelligent anirnal in

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though the seat of vision has varied at different times. She has been

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the mountain chain being low and broken; otherwise there is some

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tion is a matter of indifference. Possibly it influences the gray matter

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abdomen swelled. As the tumefaction increased day after day, the

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