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al or uterine troubles, in patients whom you cannot see regularly, prescribe

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1905 a. — Notes on Australian Siphonaptera <]Ibidem, v. 6 (2), Sept. 15, pp.

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tributed to the House and would be referred to the Refer-

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large doses, provided they were only arrived at very slowly : his full dose is two

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with blood, much increases its size rendering it turgid, but ordinarily

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it in other directions; and finally tying the mass;

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It is one of the characteristics of this eruption that the elements

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which have been enumerated. The initial rise will necessarily be largely

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The placental forceps he considered a very uncertain surgical instru-

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besivance 0.6 ophth susp

the lumbo-sacral angle, so that the axis of the pelvic cavity

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the next page the use of the Greek word " encheireses"

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him some relief for a i^vt seconds when his attacks were the

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not likely to exist, and where a septic course of healing is

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Physicians in Japan. — It is stated, on what authority

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change in the pulse at the time, or in the aspect of the retinal arteries,

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when necessary, we should incl\ide as much as possible of the wounded nervous cords aad

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T. lanceola Batsch 1786, Halysis lanceolata Blochmann 1803.

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ever, are not insuperable, owing to our knowledge con-

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the most satisfactory elementary text-book of histology

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the number of children under five years of age, (only sixteen

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be able long to stand. 'Disease of the nerves' — (poisoning of

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It is somewhat surprising that, in a not inconsiderable number

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toward improvement, she noticed that objects touched witl

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